Private Treatments


If you’d like to see one of our lead practitioners privately just get in touch or book online for a consultation. Our lead clinic practitioners are experienced in advanced treatments such as Tear Trough, Liquid Rhinoplasty, Jawline contouring, full Liquid Face Lift, Plasma Eyelid lift and more.

Our full treatment menu for private appointments can be found here.

Dr Emily MacGregor clinical director gild clinic


Emily is a medical doctor and a talented teacher with an array of medical & teaching qualifications. 

She writes and improves Academy teaching content at Harley Academy alongside her role as Clinical Director and Practitioner at GILD Clinic.

She completed a psychology degree with her medical degree and has a strong interest in the psychology of appearance. She also has a vast interest in art which she translates in her approach towards aesthetic medicine.

Dr Tristan Mehta CEO and founder


Tristan holds a postgraduate diploma in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine as well as being a medical doctor and entrepreneur.

Tristan founded our sister company Harley Academy in 2015 to combat the lack of standardised medical training provided within aesthetic medicine. He has since become a prominent thought leader within the industry as well as an excellent practitioner. He has a confident and inspiring approach to both teaching and the delivery of facial aesthetic treatments.

Dr Yalda Jamali aesthetics practitioner


Yalda is the Clinical Educational Fellow for Harley Academy and practitioner at GILD Clinic.

As a qualified medical doctor, she works in tandem with the courses team to improve and develop the Academy’s substantive teaching content. She is also one of the Academy’s primary clinical mentors, drawing upon her expertise and specialisation in medical aesthetics. With a demonstrable artistic eye for facial aesthetics, Yalda brings a strong passion for treating aesthetics as a medical specialty. Beyond her work at the Harley Academy and GILD Clinic, she also runs her own leading medical aesthetics clinic in Nottingham.

Maja Swierczynska Aesthetics practitioner


Maja is a highly skilled lead aesthetic practitioner and trainer who specialises in skin rejuvenation treatments.
She is a true skin expert with a Masters Degree in Cosmetology and Cosmetic Science which helps her to create a bespoke treatment and skincare plan for every client.
Dr Jo Hackney Aesthetics Practitioner


Dr Hackney is an aesthetic practitioner and clinical mentor with Harley Academy.  

As an anaesthetist, she became a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists in 2017, before realising her true passion in the field of advanced aesthetic medicine. She has a precise approach to creating balanced and natural results with patient’s best interests and safety at the forefront of her practice.